Going on a WordPress treasure hunt

Since I’m just starting this blog (again), I figure this would be a great time to try out the Blogging Challenge Treasure Hunt from Lorelle on WordPress. Lorelle is my WordPress hero(ine). I try to follow her blog as much as possible, but I’ve gotten behind in the last few weeks. She started her Blogging Challenge a couple months ago, but I haven’t been doing any of them because, quite frankly, I’m lazy. (Plus, I was having a real crisis of how to organize and manage my blogs & websites.) But it looks like I could learn tons of WordPress info by doing the treasure hunt, so I’m going to try.

I debated whether to do it here or on my WordPress sandbox. Since I’m trying to learn how to create WordPress themes, I created a separate blog where I could play without disturbing others. I decided to put it here because right now the sandbox is not very legible. I finished the sidebar this morning, and it’s looking nice, but the content still isn’t styled and there are no margins in key places, so everything sort of runs together. Consequently, the treasure hunt will be done over here.

The challenge is quite extensive. There’s a list of 100 items that relate to WordPress that we’re supposed to research and read (but not necessarily write about). I’m thinking about taking the list and working on at least one treasure item per day. That means it will take me ove 3 months to finish, but I figure by then it will have become a habit. And who knows, maybe I’ll get so inspired I’ll do several term each day.

Since the list is so long, I’m going to make it into its own page here.  That way I’ll be able to refer back to it easily, without having to dig thru’ my archives.  (Of course, right now there are no archives to speak of, so the point is rather moot.  Still, I think a separate page makes good sense.)


One thought on “Going on a WordPress treasure hunt

  1. I’m so excited you are doing this. And I’m eager to explore what treasures you find on your hunt. You can make it a post or a page, it doesn’t matter. Just have fun and learn a lot.

    Can’t wait!

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