Tripping down memory lane

On my way home from work tonight, I stopped by the grocery store to by some sorely-needed cat litter. (The pet store isn’t on my way.) While there, of course, I had to look around to see what I could possibly buy for dinner that was of absolutely no nutritional value. I was successful.

One of the items I found was a “log” of mozzarella cheese (not the part-skim American stuff, the creamy mozzarella di bufala of Italy) wrapped in prosciutto. I searched & searched for a price, but couldn’t find one. Finally I decided I’d take a chance and buy it anyway, being sure to check the price at the check-out. Turns out it was only $5.00, not a bad price for a little piece of heaven.

As I was slicing the cheese tonight, I though back to my Naval tour of duty in Naples, Italy; and how a loaf of crusty bread, a “ball” of mozzarella di bufala, and a bottle of white wine made for an easy & tasty (if not well-balanced) evening meal. Good times.

The other memory the evening evoked was the Christmas four of us (two of my friends and a helicopter pilot from one of the ships in port) went out in search of something to eat and a good time. The plan was to stop at a road-side chicken stand whereever the afternoon took us. We even had the foresight to bring along a cork screw for the wine. Turns out we didn’t need it. All the wine bottles had screw tops.

A year or two ago, I told this story to my friend Dave. Dave owns part of winery and has learned quite a bit about the business. (Dave also drinks all the profits, I think. heehee ) He told me that “they” (I guess he means the wine industry) are finding that screw caps are just as effective as corks. And indeed, tonight’s wine, 4 Emus shiraz, has a screw top. And it’s pretty darned good.

I just hope I can keep enough around for tomorrow when I get to play my Supernatural drinking game. (Gosh, I love that show!)


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