A blogging goal I can live with

I had some great ideas for blogging as I was leaving work tonight. There was the “pep talk” the boss gave us this morning that was chalk full of analogies. (The first two involved hamsters and wagon trains. But I’ve forgotten the third.) There was the sense of satisfaction I felt after a day of challenging work. (All the more significant because I went kicking & screaming into this job that I did not apply for, did not want, and quite frankly, wasn’t all that good at.) Then there was the thought of how I was going to (re)organize all my web stuff. But when I got home & sat in front of the computer, nothing came out.

Once again, I think it’s because I want the blog to be absolutely perfect, and I’m so afraid to write something for fear I’ll change my mind later on. That what I write won’t fit into the grand scheme of things. Problem is, I don’t have a grand scheme. Or if I do, it keeps changing. For example, I’d decided how to organize my blogs, how many to have, where to put them, what to write about in each. But lately I’ve found myself distracted from actually writing by trying to figure out how to design the blogs. (And I won’t even get into how easily distracted—and discouraged—I get with the designing process.)

So, tonight I had yet another brilliant idea. First of all, how about having just a couple of blogs instead of 5 or 6 or 7? And how about writing something every day this month? If I do that, perhaps I can get past my “perfectionist’s block” and move forward.


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