Holiday shopping, part 1

I just got back from the shopping center. Boy, am I pooped. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t have gone out, but the folks at work are sponsoring 5 soldiers (3 men & 2 women) and the gifts have to be sent off next week. I bought a couple of paperback books & several DVDs, including the Supernatural season 1 set. (I can’t believe I paid full price for it, but I don’t know if Amazon would have gotten it here in time.) I figure the Supernatural set is great because it’s gender friendly. For the guys there’s rock music, action, mild gore & scary stuff. For the gals, there’s… Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki. It’s a win-win situation. 🙂 And I’m hoping I’ll get at lease one person hooked on the show, so that they’ll want to watch when they come back to the States.

I’d asked some of the guys at work (who’ve been in Iraq & other deployed places) what items would be good. Their first reply was batteries. And the second was… cocktail weenies. I kid you not! Cocktail weenies! Of course, once they said it, I understood why. Batteries to run their music players & such, junk food because it’s hard to come by in a strange land, and DVDs & books to alleviate the boredome. So maybe when I go to the grocery store tomorrow I’ll pick up some non-perishable junk food and some batteries.

Next weekend I’ll be shopping for the kids of the family the work folks adopted. Have I mentioned how great the people I work with are?


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