No, I didn’t break my December goal (yet)

Just in case you thought I slipped up on my goal to post every day this month, I didn’t. Actually, last night I thought that maybe I’d forgotten to post, but then I realized I’d posted this. I may have mentioned that I’m once again reconfiguring my blogs. So I got rid of my “test” blog and am now using the Supernatural blog to do my WordPress theme experimentations. As you can see, I haven’t gotten very far.

Speaking of learning themes, I ordered the book from Urban Giraffe. I figured since I’ve been relying on the site so much for my WordPress instruction, I really ought to support the author & buy his book. It came tonight.  I’m really looking forward to reading & using it.  This guy really knows his CSS and PHP!  And even better, he’s able to put it in plain language.  I’ve learned more about how to use CSS from his tutorial than I have from any of the CSS books I’ve bought.


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