The Sunday from Hell

My Sunday from hell actually started on Friday.  I knew a cold front was coming through and that it was windy.  I wasn’t prepared for my heat to be all night.  (I’d even lowered the thermostat.)  I woke up Fri morning with a horrendous sinus headache (which lasted pretty much all day).  So I finally fired up my two humidifiers and slept much better the rest of the weekend.

On Sunday, I ran out to get some laundry detergent since I was finally making some progress with my many piles of clothes.  On the way back from the drug store, I decided to stop at Dunkin’ Donuts for breakfast.  However, I misjudged the curb & and banged the crap out of my tire.  And sure enough, the tire was flat by time I pulled into a parking spot.  Fortunately, my cell phone was charged and AAA didn’t take too long getting there.  (However, a couple of girls were working on the car next to me & the alarm kept going off while I was on the phone.  Very annoying!)  If I’d just gone to McDonalds for hotcakes, none of this would have happened.

In the afternoon my electricity went out for about an hour.  Why is it the only thing you can think of to do while the electricity is out involves electricity?  I used the time to do a little much needed picking up.  And when I’d had enough of doing something constructive, I pulled out last Sunday’s Washington Post crossword puzzle.  I even had enough light to work it.

But I really, really, really got annoyed when my $100 iron didn’t seem to work any better than my old $40 iron.  I bought the damn thing because the old iron wasn’t getting the wrinkles out of synthetics.  Now the new one isn’t either.  (I even started a blog post about it, but it’s full of expletives, so I decided not to publish it.)  Obviously, I am domestically challenged.

And just when I thought everything was ready for Monday, my downstairs neighbor comes banging on my door that water is dripping from her bedroom ceiling.  Turns out my humidifier had a leak.  So now I gotta figure out how to repair water damaged cement.  I’m hoping it only involves repainting.  But the worst part?  I was in the middle of transferring a Supernatural episode from my DVR to the DVD when she knocked.  By the time I got back, I was recording not just a commercial, but some really obnoxious ones.  Since I don’t want commercials to interfere with the purity of the show ;), it looks like I’ll be re-recording that particular episode.

But, all in all, I guess things could have been worse.  On Friday, one of the guys from work had a deer jump out in front of him on his way home.  Majorly smashed up his car.  And it wasn’t too good for the deer either.

Oh, and my office buddy is in the hospital with severe bronchitis.


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