Happy New Year!

Ok, so I’m a day late.  What do you expect from a world class procrastinator?  As you can see, I didn’t come anywhere near to meeting my December blog goal (post every day).  That’s partly because I spent much of my time working on my Benjamin Bratt site/blog.  I did get the spam under control, but I’m still working on the site.  I’m trying to redesign the site, but, hey, it’s a blog and my PHP skills are negligible.  If you want to watch my progress, you can check out my sandbox.  But I must warn you, it isn’t pretty!

Resolutions?  Hah!  Actually, I’d like to lose one pound per week this year, and I want to start by improving my eating habits.  However, here I’m sitting at the computer rather than planning meals & shopping for groceries.


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