My Top 10 Blogging Goals for 2007

Lorelle’s Blogging Challenge for this week is to list your top 10 blogging goals for this year. How did she know I need to make some order out of the mess that is my online life? Anyway, thanks for the push, Lorelle! The last blogging challenge I took up was her Treasure Hunt. As you can see, I haven’t gotten very far, but I figure I can make that my first goal.  So here are my blogging goals for 2007:

  1. Complete Lorelle’s Blog Treasure Hunt. I think the reason my interest died so quickly was that I made it harder than necessary. I tried to find at least 2 articles on each subject, since one of the rules was to not repeat web sources. I wanted to have a backup with every topic in case I needed an alternate reference. What I should really do is just jump in and see where the hunt takes me.
  2. Blog more consistently. This has to do with my lack of discipline and being easily distracted. I simply need to make blogging a priority. So I’m going to aim for 5 posts per week—that’s 5 posts for all my blogs, not for each blog.  (I’m addressing my myriad of blogs in my next goal.)
  3. Consolidate! I think one of the reasons I’m so negligent is that I tried to compartmentize my blogs. I ended up with so many, and didn’t know what to do with each of them, they languished for fear that I’d organized them incorrectly. I’ve already deleted my blog and one of my “test” blogs (where I’m trying to learn WP design). The next one I need to look at is one I started at LiveJournal. (I’ll talk more about that in another post.) With only 2 exceptions (one being a separate website, and the other my “sandbox”), there’s no reason I can’t write about all of my interests here.  At least for now.
  4. Create my first complete WP theme. That’s a pretty big goal in my book, because it means I need to learn PHP and become a better designer.  I could probably break this down into smaller goals to list here (thus finishing my list without too much more effort), but I’m not really sure what those smaller goals would be.  So I’ll continue on with my list…
  5. Find my niche. I figure one of the best ways to do that is to blog consistently and see what I end up writing about the most.
  6. Incorporate tags in my posts. I’m still a little fuzzy on their purpose, since WP has categories, but I’m sure if I do some research, things will start to become clearer.
  7. Learn more about social bookmarking.  Since I don’t really understand how, Digg, and other Web 2.0 sites work, anything I learn here will be an improvement.  Perhaps a more specific goal would be to participate in these blogging communities.
  8. Actively comment in at least one blogging marathon.  Since I know my health won’t allow me to blog continuously for 24 hours, I can at least help out those who are by visiting their blogs and commenting.  Who knows, maybe I’ll make some new cyber-friends.  And maybe even get a new reader or two.
  9. Chronicle my experience with recipes from various cookbooks attempts to get my life under control.  This sort of relates to goal #5, finding my niche.  But the real impetus behind it is to force me to plan my meals, shop for groceries, eat decently, and improve my health.  I have a couple of other ideas in the genre (blogging about my experience following certain “self-help” programs), but I think this is the most important, for obvious reasons.  Ok, I decided I better stick with the two good habits I started to work on last weekend: getting my bills paid on time (& my finances under control), and decreasing the piles of dirty clothes lying around.  Once I get my checkbook and laundry under control, I’ll work on the better eating habit. [Edited on Feb 1st]
  10. Create a timeline for reaching these goals.  If I don’t set some deadlines, I might put everything off until November.  And then won’t I be in a fine mess?  So, look for the deadlines to be posted sometime this weekend.  (That means by the end of Jan 28, 2007.)

Wish me (good) luck!


8 thoughts on “My Top 10 Blogging Goals for 2007

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  4. Hi Gail — I think this is my third blog in my life — as the author, that is. I find I read blogs for work, and don’t even like to use the computer so much when I’m not on the clock. Your writing abilities are off the chain!

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