Timelines for my 2007 blogging goals

Well, since I said I’d have my timelines posted by the end of this weekend, I guess I better get to it.

  1. Complete Lorelle’s Treasure Hunt. I have 90 treasures still to find. My goal is to finish by March 31. If I find 2 treasures per day, I should be able to finish on time plus have a little breathing room for other posts—emphasis on little!
  2. Blog more consistently. This starts now. I’m aiming for 5 posts per week between this blog, my Benjamin Bratt website and my sandbox.
  3. Consolidate. I’m well on my way to meeting this goal. I’ll give it a deadline of January 31.
  4. Create my first WordPress theme. This is a Very Big Goal, at least for me. I know little to no PHP and my CSS skills are not that great. I’ve been following the theme tutorial at Urban Giraffe (I even bought the book), but I’m running into some glitches. The tutorial is based on the WP Default theme, which has several alternate page views. I could try to work with the WP Classic theme (which I actually like better). It’s simpler, in that it has fewer files to work with. And one of my favorite theme designers, Joni Mueller, uses it as her starting point. So, how about a useable theme by October 31. That way I’ll be done before the holiday rush.
  5. Find my niche. Another tough goal to set a deadline to, mostly because it’s more of a passive goal. I have a few ideas to try, so perhaps, starting in April (after the treasure hunt is done), I can test some of my ideas. For this goal, I’m giving myself until December 31. If I figure it out before then, hooray for me!
  6. Incorporate tags. I’ll aim for July 31.
  7. Social bookmarking. Actively participate by September 30.
  8. Support blog marathon participants. No set date for this one, as it depends on when a blogging marathon happens. But I’m sure there’ll be at least one before the end of the year.
  9. Write about recipes. I’m starting next week, February 4. (I need a little time to get organized.)
  10. Create a timeline for reaching my goals: Done! Yay! 😀

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