That’ll teach me

I decided to hit the McDonald’s for breakfast on my way to the library this morning. As I was walking from my car I noticed, in the drive-thru’ lane (which was very busy), a patch of black ice. Unfortunately, I didn’t notice until the nano-second before I planted my foot on it. I knew even before my foot hit the ground that I was in trouble. My feet went waaay out from under me. I landed on my ass, then my back, then my head. Luckily I didn’t see stars, but I did have a the wind knocked out of me. As I sat back up, I looked at the car in the drive thru’ lane, who of course, just sat there waiting for me to get up. (Nice!) But it was so slick, I couldn’t get up. I had to wiggle myself off the ice, then get up. The people in the car just sat there watching me. Finally, as I managed to get up, the passenger opened the door to ask if I was alright. Well, I guess later is better than never. (Or maybe they just wanted to wait until I was upright again, so that they wouldn’t have to do too much work & wouldn’t miss their chance to order breakfast.)

Anyway, I am ok. Nothing’s broken. My butt is sore (& probably bruised), and I think my back may be bruised a bit too. I scraped one of my elbows (even tho it was generously padded by my heavy coat), and whacked one of my ankles (I know it’s not broken because I can still walk). And now I notice all the muscles that I tensed up as I went down are starting to tighten. I can’t wait to see what I feel like tomorrow.

Today is the birthday of my newest cyberfriend, Andie. She’s quite an amazing gal, with a most incredible sense of humor. If you watch Supernatural, you would enjoy her take on the Winchester brothers, called Plastic!Winchester!Theater (the exclamation points are necessary). Two Ken dolls, one very handsome & the other with goofy hair (just like their tv counterparts) take on all sorts of weird, paranormal activity. They’ve tackled ballet-performing zombies, troll dolls, Evil Care Bears, Barney, and a pink walrus, just to name a few. Their arch-nemesis, though, is not the “yellow-eyed demon” of the tv show; it’s Snuggles, the fabric softner teddy bear. If you’re looking to laugh your socks off, head on over there. And if you don’t know what Supernatural is about, check out her  Supernatural Guide for Newbies.

Oh! And, Happy Birthday, Andie! 8)


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