What I’ve learned so far

I seem to have hit a block with the Lorelle’s WordPress Treasure Hunt. I’d been marching along so smartly, I thought this would be a piece of cake. But today I kind of came to screeching halt. Ok, it wasn’t screeching, but I’ve definitely come upon a stop sign. So I thought that maybe a good way to get me back into the game is to post some of the terrific lessons I’ve learned so far—or rather, the terrific websites I’ve found that I plan to revisit once the hunt is over.

  1. I implemented Askimet on my WP blogs. I really needed it, because I logged onto my e-mail one day & found I had over 1000 messages in queue. Eek! So at least that’s under control now.
  2. How to highlight my own name in the comments section. Of course, I first need to get some comments. 😉
  3. Canvas! Ok, so I really want to create my own theme, but this still might be a fun download to play with.
  4. A boatload of links to help me hone my CSS skillz, er, skills.
  5. Create custom fields! I didn’t know you could do this with WP, and it’s something I’d really like try. I like this feature on my LiveJournal blog, and I had it on my very very first blog at Bravenet. And I can even customize the custom fields!
  6. I found out what Vox is! LiveJournal had been talking about it & I was so confused. And of course, I created a blog there, just to see what it’s like (no posts yet, tho’). I’m such a blog junkie.

Well, I’ll continue to plug away, and maybe I’ll have some new discoveries by next week.


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