I’ve been bit off this week

First of all, I can’t seem to get rid of my LiveJournal account, like I had planned to in my 10 blogging goals for 2007. I really feel the need to be a part of the Supernatural fans community (since the show has been totally awesome lately—or should I say more totally awesome than usual). And even tho’ I’m not getting a lot of comments, the blog still allows me easy access to the people & points of view I like. And I guess I’m still a little too embarrassed to extol the virtues of a tv show geared towards 20-somethings on this blog. So I continue to hang out there.

Nor have I been as good about seeking my treasure hunt items. I like to do a couple of them at lunchtime at work, but since I was at work only 2 days this week (see the fall at McDonalds), I kind of got out of the habit. But so far this weekend has been reasonably productive, so perhaps I’ll make a little progress today & tomorrow.

Oh, and tomorrow I’ll write about trying the nasy addiction I’m trying to quit (& already failed today).


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