February 12th

Three of my favorite people were born on this day. The most famous is Abraham Lincoln. I wrote a somewhat long post about him last year, and why he was so special to me. Unfortunately, I’ve changed blogs a couple times since then, so that post is lost forever. Perhaps next year I’ll revive some of it.

Another of those is my dad’s cousin, Connie Carr McCutcheon. She’s one of my 2 favorite relatives, along with my dad’s brother, Uncle Rod. [There are 2 other people I put in my favorite people category that I’m not related to by blood. One is my nephew’s wife, Debra, who died unexpectedly about a year & a half ago. The other is my sister-in-law’s sister-in-law.  More about them later, too.]

And last but by far not least, there’s my most favorite person ever—my mom. It’s hard to believe that she’s been gone for nearly 20 years. When we first found out she was terminal, I remember looking at her across the breakfast table, and I absolutely could not think of life without her. She’d always been there for me. And while she wasn’t necessarily the best parent (nor was she by any means the worst), she was the best person I ever knew. She had an absolute heart of gold. She didn’t crave the spotlight, but instead worked behind the scenes many times so that others could shine. And she never asked for much in return. Consequently, I think some people may have taken advantage of her, but I’d have to say that nearly everyone who ever knew her, knew she was someone very special.

I’ve learned to live without her. But there are times, like now, that I’d give just about anything to see her again.


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