This stops now: Day 1

A week or so ago, I decided to try to break my computer game habit. But before I knew it, I’d retrieved the game from my recycle bin and was through a few levels. So I then thought it might be easier to start the new habit on a weekday. Well, that didn’t work. But I have been spending inordinate amounts of time on the computer, and my life is suffering.

It really hit me yesterday. I’ve gotten myself into a terrible mess with work and home, and I have to get out of it somehow. I’m hoping it’s not too late for the work part. I know it’s not too late for the home part; it’s just overwhelming.

So, I figure the first thing I can do is stop playing the damn computer games. Oh, I have other bad habits & obsessions, but I’m only going to work on one of them at a time. Maybe that way I stand a fighting chance.

I made a list of five (only 5) things I want to accomplish today. And I want to do this on every weekend/holiday. I did this last Saturdary & it worked nicely. However, by Sunday I threw it out the window. (No good reason other than I just didn’t want to do it.)

I’m currently reading “The Four Agreements,” and it’s time I start putting the first agreement into action. Be impeccable with your word. I have fallen so far from this agreement, I can’t even begin to write about it. It’s overwhelming, but more importantly, I’m too ashamed to put my behavior in writing. This behavior has got to stop. Now. I have to honor my commitments, not only to others, but to myself as well.

So, with that said, I better go honor my commitment to accomplish 5 things today and start one of those tasks—the laundry.


2 thoughts on “This stops now: Day 1

  1. Hey, man. I wish you luck with the whole stop-to-play-computer-games thing. It sounds like a good plan and i know it can be addictive, i used to play quite a bit a few years ago – i was in a clan, etc etc, yadieya. In the end i just got bored with the game, got kicked out of my clan for ‘misbehaviour’ (hail to the internet-democracy!), stopped playing and in about a week, you realise it’s not something you really miss in your daily life. It just leaves a lot of time to do other things, which can be quite interesting.

    To quit, i dont think you have to throw stuff out, or make lists, or reward yourself or anything like that: just quit. If you want it, do it. And you’re done.

    And have a beer. Cheers!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement! Actually, the lists don’t have anything to do with the computer games. I just have to start getting work done. But you’re right—making the list is one thing, doing it is another. And the most important is the latter.

    And, hey, I’ll take you up on that beer! 🙂

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