Day 2—in retrospect

I thought about posting several times yesterday, but just never got to it. My right forearm was ridiculously sore from all my efforts to free my car from its ice & snow-encrusted prison. I got all the snow & ice off of the car, but there’s still icy snow up around the tires. Both Saturday & yesterday, the temperature was supposed to get above freezing. I figured once the snow got a little mushy, I be able to get underneath it or break it up so that I could shovel it. Well, if it got above freezing, it didn’t reach the ground. Of course, it didn’t help that my neighbor was out there pouring hot water to melt some of the snow. Now the ice in that spot is about 1 inch thick.

Nonetheless, I did get my car out. It took a bit of effort, and it’s not a pretty sight, but at least I’m mobile.

As usual, I didn’t get as much done on Sunday as I had on Saturday. Still, I cleaned out my frig & went to the grocery store. And got a few more loads of laundry done. And found a book I’d been looking for. And I have yet another day off to get more accomplished.

The pull of the computer games is immense. It’s such relaxing passtime for me.  But it’s also an escape, and an enormous time-waster.  (And solitaire doesn’t count, because I easily get bored with it and move on.)


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