I just got my hair done & I want to pull it out!

Yeah, yeah. I’m not keeping up with my goal of posting 5 times a week. To be fair, I have posted a little at my Benjamin Bratt website and at my Supernatural blog, but certainly not with the frequency I’d planned. I’d also fallen off the wagon with the Treasure Hunt. (I spent much of the last couple weeks making user pics for my LiveJournal site. I can’t help it. I’m a sucker for pictures of pretty boys.) But I did a quick calculation this week & found that if I find 2 treasures per day (including weekends), I’ll finish on time. Yay.

Friday night I upgraded to the latest version of WordPress, and this morning I’m all befuddled. When I came on to post, everything was in HTML. Now, I know HTML pretty well, but I’ve really gotten used to the WYSIWYG editor. And since WYSIWYG helps with the flow of thought (and the blog is title “Stream of Conscience,” after all) , I really didn’t want to be hassled with having to stop, think, and put in HTML tags. (Besides, the tag editor wasn’t working all that great.) But I finally got the WYSIWYG back. And yet I was still having problems. For some goofy reason, I didn’t have all the editing options available to me. Things seem to be back to normal now, though. But, have the buttons in the Insert/edit link box been swapped? I keep wanting to hit “Cancel” instead of “Insert” (which is really annoying because my links & link titles in the Treasure Hunt are pretty darned long).

Oh, and I had this very annoying greeting in the upper right-hand corner, “Howdy, NICEUSERNAME” (or something like that). Fortunately, I found where to correct the name. I’d sure hate for this post to show up as “Posted by NICEUSERNAME.” And the really odd thing? I upgraded my Ben Bratt website blog, too, but everything over there is working just fine. Sheesh.

It’s snowing its brains out! We were supposed to have a “wintry mix” changing over to (freezing) rain this afternoon. But this is the whitest damn rain I’ve ever seen! Well, the good news is, maybe work will be cancelled tomorrow. Heee. That would be terrific. Oh wait. I just realized there’s something I’ve got to do first thing Monday morning. Rats.


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