Tuesdays are fun again

Ok, I really don’t know if they ever were fun. I suppose at some time in my life I looked forward to Tuesdays. But right now I’ve really enjoying them. American Heiress is one of the last two telenovelas My Netwok TV is running. But instead of it running for an hour every night of the week, as the previous telenovelas did, it’s running for two hours on Tuesdays only.

I’m not really a fan of soap opera type shows, but I wanted to watch this because it stars Alicia Leigh Willis. I fell in love with her during the brief time I watched General Hospital. (I’ll write about my GH watching experience & Alicia, & why I came to adore her some other time. Right now I want to focus on American Heiress.)

Alicia plays the title character & has top billing. Yay! Honestly, I wasn’t expecting much out of the show. But I have to say, it is some great guilty fun! What I love is that it doesn’t take itself too seriously. During the extended teaser, I found myself laughing out loud more times than I can count. And it continues to delight me.

A lot of my fellow Alicia fans have tuned in to see her. Their take is that they like Alicia’s character, Elizabeth Wakefield, and her leading man, but don’t care for anyone else. And the general consensus is that her leading man, a pilot named JD Bruce, played by a guy named Carter MacIntyre, is “hot.” Personally, I didn’t see the hotness factor when I saw the commercials. But he’s the type of guy who grows on me. I’ve been extremely impressed with his acting. He has a wonderful comedic timing that plays well off of Alicia, and they have a delightful chemistry together.

Unlike many of the other viewers, I really like the rest of the cast as well. Yes some of it is silly, and many of the characters are exaggerations, but that’s part of the fun of the show.

What’s also cool is that I’ve found a blog by one of the writers on the show. He’s been hawking the show on his blog, and tells us the show is only going to get better! He also mentioned that when he first saw video of the show, he was really impressed with the actors. He said that unlike some of the other telenovelas, this cast can actually act.  I absolutely agree and am having a blast with the show.  Watch it!  (I’ll fill you in on what you’ve missed so far.)


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