Spring is sprung (redux)

Well, spring has really sprung now! It sprang up yesterday.  In the course of one day, the forsythia blossomed, and the first of the many trees to flower in this area burst forth.  When I went to work yesterday morning, it was the same ol’ same ol’.  When I came home there was color all about.  I don’t know what the trees are, but they have little white flowers and they’re all over the place. The cherry blossoms will bust out any day now. (They’re almost on schedule this year, for a change.) But I have to wait another month or so for my favorites, the trees outside my front entryway, to bloom. (My neighbor, who knows her flowers, says they’re almond trees.) Every year there’s at least one day when they are in full bloom and it rains.  The blossoms are so heavy, the branches bend down over the walkway & I have to duck to avoid hitting them.  It’s sort of a rite of passage for me.  I ususally stop & take a little time to just reflect on how beautiful they are and revel in the moment.

Of course, all this beauty comes with a price.  The seasonal allergies will interfere with my sleep, and the post-nasal-drip will cause me to make the most disgusting hacking noises in order to clear out the most disgustinly gross mucus.   But it’s a small price to pay to say good-bye to winter.


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