Thursday Thirteen

I found this intersting website courtesy of one of my few (but selective) LiveJournal friends. I’m planning to participate, but apparently I have to post a few Thursday Thirteens before I can join the community. So here’s my first Thursday Thirteen. And to show just how unimaginative I am, I’m borrowing my first Thursday Thirteen from nuj (LJ friend mentioned above).

Thirteen things I plan to list in future Thursday Thirteen posts
(in no particular order)

  1. 13 things about me
  2. 13 movies I love
  3. 13 people I admire
  4. 13 reasons to watch Supernatural
  5. 13 blogs I like
  6. 13 things I learned on the WordPress Treasure Hunt
  7. 13 places I’d like to visit
  8. 13 places I’ve been to that I really love
  9. 13 places I might move to when I retire
  10. 13 memorable events in my life
  11. 13 household items I need to get rid of
  12. 13 of my favorite foods
  13. 13 songs that move me

Now all I need to do is go peruse some other Thursday Thirteen posts. And comment!


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