So many topics, so little blogging

I have numerous things to write about, and yet have done no blogging for awhile. The silence has more to do with laziness and distraction than with lack of subject matter. I certainly need to relook at my blogging goals for 2007 and renew my committment to blog more regularly.

And while I’m not going to write about anything specific tonight (I’m much too distracted to try out some graphic ideas), I do want to mention the things that I do want to discuss, otherwise I’ll probably forget them. Let’s see, there’s the incident with my car key breaking in the ignition & the ridiculous cost of replacing it. There’s the beautiful trees outside my doorway that I’ve discussed before, and that are now in full bloom. There’s the two pidgeons who managed to find a cubby hole near the door of the building I work at. And of course there’s the lousy, cold weather we’ve been having. Oh, and the other entertaining television show you’re not watching.

But don’t look for me tomorrow. I doubt I’ll even be able to get on the computer. Our condo association is having its annual meeting tomorrow (ick!); and Supernatural is back with a new episode (yay!).


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