Spring has sprung (redux… again)

I think spring is finally here. It’s about damn time, too!

I drove into DC yesterday. My niece was in town & we had planned to do lunch together. I’m always timid about driving into DC, and I don’t know why. It’s not like driving in Manhattan, or Italy, or even Boston. The streets are fairly well laid out, and the drivers are reasonable, for the most part. The only “hazard” this time of year is the tourists. At one of the stoplights, I looked to my left & there was the Washington Monument. And when I turned to drive up Independence Ave, the Capital loomed in front of me. It really is a terrific feeling.

My niece’s office is on Pennsylvania Ave, near the Navy Memorial. I met Kristen at the restaurant. She’d walked thru the memorial’s plaza and said they were setting up for some sort of ceremony. I figured it was probably a retirement ceremony. After lunch, we strolled into the plaza and sure enough, someone was retiring. The ceremony was just finishing up and she got to see the officer being “piped ashore.” And I was there to explain what was happening and some of the Naval traditions.

I’ve seen the Navy Memorial driving by from the street, but I never stopped to take a closer look. It’s really beautiful, especially on such a lovely, sunny day as yesterday. There are numerous fountains and pools of water, and they absolutely glistened in the sun. Even the animals were enjoying the day—I noticed a lone duck swimming in one of the pools. I have no idea where he came from. He was the only one in sight, so it’s not like there’s a flock (or whatever a group of ducks is called) resident in the area. My only regret is that I didn’t take any pictures. I had my camera with me, and yet I kept it in my purse. So I have no remebrance of the day except my memory. I really need to get back into the shutterbug habit.


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