Thursday Thirteen: 13 reasons I love American Heiress

Is it ok to post a Thursday Thirteen on Friday? I got home late from work last night, and since it was a Supernatural night, I didn’t get on the computer. So, here we go…

I haven’t watch American Idol since the initial season, and even then I didn’t watch it regularly. How many American idols can one have? Apparently as many as the tv ratings will support. Nope, on Tuesdays, you’ll find me watching American Heiress on the floundering MyNetworkTV. Why? Here’s why:

Thirteen reasons I love American Heiress

  1. I get to see Alicia Leigh Willis every week. I’ve missed her beauty, talent & bubbly persona.
  2. Alicia plays the title role and has top billing in a very large cast. Yay! \o/
  3. The show doesn’t take itself too seriously. I was hesitant to watch at first, fearing it would be horrible, but during the initial preview/teaser, I laughed out loud several times.
  4. The acting is pretty darned good. Not what you’d necessarily expect from a show casted with Really Beautiful People.
  5. Fun and funny characters abound. Some are over-the-top stereo-types and may seem little one dimensional, but there’s plenty of time for them to grow. And some are genuinely a treat to watch. Computer wiz and all-around slob Kenny (played by Christopher Bello) comes to mind.
  6. There are some great one-liners, and the cast does an terrific job of delivering them with just the right amount of sarcasm and wit.
  7. Patrick Burleigh (who plays company & family lawyer Parker Banks) is gorgeous. And he plays the part well. I wish he were in more episodes.
  8. AnnaLynne McCord has been fun to watch (except when when she attempts to sing) with her well-timed and delivered ditzy comments. And her speech about her feelings for her mother let us know that there’s more to Loren Wakefield than just a party animal.
  9. Race Owen plays a great, slimy villain. It took me a couple episodes to embrace the nastiness of Damian Wakefiled, but now for the most part, he’s quite fun to watch.
  10. John Aprea plays Lionel Wakefield, an industrial mogul with a good heart & conscience. He and Alicia have worked together before, and they have a wonderful father-daughter bond.
  11. The bantering (and chemistry) between Alicia’s Elizabeth Wakefield and pilot JD Bruce (played by Carter MacIntyre) is delightful. I find myself grinning from ear-to-ear when they’re together.
  12. Carter MacIntyre’s dimples.
  13. Carter MacIntyre, period. Although I wasn’t all that impressed with him in the previews (mostly from a looks point of view—yes, shallow, I know), I’m extremely impressed with his talent. He plays very well off Alicia, and I expect (or at least hope) we’ll being seeing more of him.

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