If the dogwoods & azaleas are in bloom…

It must be the May 2. It’s my best friend’s anniversary. They picked that date because the first weekend in May is the prettiest weekend of the year, with the dogwoods and azaleas in all their beautiful glory.

Of course, anniversaries are really just for the couple, so I’m not celebrating. Except that it’s hump day. And I’m pooped. The guy that’s in charge of the place I work (he’s not my boss but I support him) is a very demanding person on a normal day. No matter how much you do, he wants more. He was gone for a day & half, and returned today with a vengence.  It’s like someone slipped some steroids in his Wheaties.  He gets like this every now & then.  Granted, what he’s asking for is usually needed, but people can only do so much.  And worker bees aren’t supposed to think strategically, and yet that’s what he wants from them. It’s very frustrating.  And kind of demoralizing.

So I stopped off at the grocery store and bought some wine to ease into the evening. Besides, American Heiress is on tonight & I need to be ready for the AH drinking game. And tomorrow is Supernatural, with an episode that looks very intriguing.


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