Thursday Thirteen: my 13 favorite Supernatural episodes

Once again, these are in chronological order, because there’s no way I’d ever be able to rank them.  (Oh, and this is not the same as my Thirteen favorite scenes from season 2.) 

  1. Dead in the Water.  I loved how Dean tried to reach out to Lucas.  I think I heard the sound of uteruses (uteri? ) exploding all over America.  And season 1’s “money shot” didn’t hurt.
  2. Home.  Besides an ejoyable guest cast (yes, I liked Missouri), the episode had gore (never trust a cymbal monkey!), scares, and angst galore. 
  3. Faith.  I thought the religious aspect was handled very well, and I was pleased they didn’t make the minister into a fraud.  And I loved the vibe between Layla & Dean (bad boy meets good girl).  And the final sentiment that you  have to have faith even when the miracles don’t happen is very real for me.
  4. Hell House.  I loved the light-heartedness of this episode:  the brotherly pranks, the nerdy “paranormal investigators.”   It also had my favorite scene from season 1.  (And no, it wasn’t Jared Padalecki in a low-slung towel, altho that helped.)
  5. Something Wicked.  This was the first episode I ever watched, and it remains one of my favorites.  I adored 9-year-old Dean and 5-year-old Sam, but what I was most impressed with was how good an actor Jensen Ackles is.
  6. In My Time of Dying.  Family trauma and drama, a psuedo-ouija board/Winchester slumber party, a fabulous villain, and Bobby!  Not to mention The Ending.  *sob*
  7. Everybody Loves a Clown.  Ok, so a killer clown didn’t necessarily make for first-rate drama.  But the brothers’ conversations, anguish and grieving did. 
  8. The Usual Suspects.  I really enjoyed guest star Linda Blair, especially her interaction with Sam in the interogation room.  And the monster of the week was pretty darned scary.
  9. Playthings.  Two reasons:  1) drunken Sam, and 2) wet Sam.  “Your bossy.  And short.”  “C’mon, Sasquatch.”  Brotherly face-mauling was an extra bonus.  Oops, is that more than 2?
  10. Nightshifter.   A great story with great guest stars all around.  Ronald, Sherrie, Henrickson.  I even liked the police lieutenant (too bad I can’t remember his name).  And a kick-ass ending! 
  11. Born Under a Bad Sign.  Evil Sam was just way too good.  Jared Padalecki proved he’s more than just a pretty face.  (Ok, maybe he’d already proved this.  But he really proved it here.)
  12. What Is and What Should Never Be.  It was so wonderful to see Dean happy and relaxed.  And mowing the lawn.  I really marvelled at the difference in the brothers’ dynamic.  In once scene, I felt as if Sam was the older brother.
  13. All Hell Breaks Loose, Part Two (along with the last 5 minutes of Part One).  I really hate season cliffhangers.  (What happens if I die over the summer?  I’ll never know the ending!)  So I enjoyed the ending to the second season.   Jensen was phenominal (as usual).  Jared was fabulous (as usual—I think he’s really come into his own this season, especially with his body language).  And every guest star was terrific.

And now, we wait until September.  *sigh*


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