More writing from the heart

Well, my essay for this week about my grandfather is finished.  Except for the printing &/or copying.  (I need to find a place where I can copy the paper as I don’t really want to use up my printer ink spitting out 7 copies.)  I had actually started the piece for last week’s assignment, but I couldn’t write anywhere near the 5 pages (doubles spaced) requested.  But I decided to expand the scope of the essay and at one point had 7 pages.  And there was still more I could have added.  But I was able to pare it down to 5 pages, keeping the most interesting things.

My first essay was a big hit!  The class and instructor had a few comments to improve it, which I haven’t incorporated yet.  I plan to upload it here as a separate page, but haven’t done so yet.  That would be a good project for this weekend.  (And since it’s in Word, there will probably be a shit-load of fixes I need to make before it looks presentable.)

I don’t know that the class is helping me write more creatively; but then, I’ve only been to one class so far.  I still write like I talk, just a little more refined.  However, the essays are helping expand my ideas of how to word certain phrases for high impact.  And I’m using fewer prepositions.  Now if I can just stop overusing and and but (& their synonyms) to start sentences, I might be on my way.

The site of the Arts Center where the class is held is in a hoppin’ section of Arlington.  There are several trendy restaurants around the area; and since today is my birthday, perhaps I’ll try one before class.  Or, I could just go to the Silver Diner, enjoy a classic burger, oldies music and a chocolate milkshake.  Yummm.


3 thoughts on “More writing from the heart

  1. Now if I can just stop overusing and and but (& their synonyms) to start sentences, I might be on my way.

    If you figure out how, please let me in on it! Thirteen books and I’m STILL overusing them. LOL

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