Oh Lorelle, how I’ve missed you!

I have been remiss not only in updating my blog, but also in furthering my blogging education. Finally this weekend, I went back to read my favorite blogstress, Lorelle on WordPress, and boy, have I missed a bunch! (But then, with Lorelle, if you miss a day, you’ve usually missed something worthwhile and useful.)

I was actually looking for something specific (how to add a page to let new comment authors know their post is being held for moderation), but couldn’t find it. I’m sure that if I keep on reading her blog, the topic will come up again; as will how to hide subpages until the main page is selected, which I also want to incorporate here.

However, I did find a couple to great articles worth my time. One is this week’s blog challenge, which is to write about why I started blogging. I can do that very easily as I’ve done it several time already. 🙂

The other was the announcement of the blogging marathon to take place on July 28th. One of my goals for this year is to participate in a marathon. Since my health doesn’t really allow me to stay up all night, I thought I’d support by actively commenting on the marathoners’ blogs.

Except that now I’ve come up with a couple of ideas that could be used in a blog marathon. Maybe I could blog on my own for, say, 18 hours, but I think that’d take away from those that are “running” the whole marathon. Besides, my goal was to actively comment, not blog. So I really ought to stick with my goals rather than try to bite off more than I can chew.

However, I think I’ll take one of my marathon ideas and write about it on a weekly basis; and that is to write a serialized synopsis of the tv show Supernatural. Perhaps I can provide a “story so far” series in hopes of getting new viewers to start watching the 3rd season without being too far out of the loop. I’d sort of tried this at my LiveJournal blog, but I think in support of 2007 goal #3, incorporate my blogs, I’ll go ahead move my Supernatural obsession addiction discussions over here.


One thought on “Oh Lorelle, how I’ve missed you!

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