Blog Challenge: The story of my blog

I mentioned this weekend that I was going to participate in this week’s blog challenge from Lorelle on WordPress. The challenge is to tell the story of my blog: how I got started, why I started, where I started, where I ended up, et cetera, et cetera, etc.

My very first blog was at Bravenet. I started the blog in response to being (unfairly!) kicked out of a message board community, so I started the blog to tell the world my opinions. I’m embarrassed to say what the topic was. (Is there an emoticon for blush?) Yeah, it was a little egotistical, I suppose, but really, I just needed a place to air my comments, and the blog was a good place to do that. And while Bravenet had a community that encouraged blog commenting and “cross-pollination,” I just felt a little restless. Perhaps it was because I wanted to blog on more topics, and just didn’t feel that was the place to do it.

I wandered through the blog wilderness for quite a while. I looked at a few places like Blogger, but I settled on (the stand-alone) WordPress fairly quickly. (This was in the days of WordPress 1.5.) And in trying to figure out WordPress’s inner workings, I stumbled upon Lorelle on WordPress. But Lorelle also piqued my interest in, so I opened an account there. (I’ve since closed it because I like the freedom that the stand-alone WP provides, and I had too many dang blogs anyway.)

And even with this blog, I started & scrapped it more times than I care to admit. I kept thinking it had to be perfect, I had to have my niche figured out and know exactly where I was headed. But I finally realized that if I didn’t just jump in, I might never get anywhere.

I still have too many blogs. I started one at LiveJournal because it has a very active community that shares my current obsession interest. And I thought this blog was too serious to discuss such frivolous things as television shows. But I recently decided that my blog can be like me, both sensible and irreverent.

What’s next for the blog? Well, I want to change the theme to more appropriately match the title. I have lots of stream pictures that would be fun to share. And I want to give it its own URL. And of course, there’s all the other entries in my 2007 blogging goals.


One thought on “Blog Challenge: The story of my blog

  1. Wow! I had some influence. Wow! I’m humbled and honored.

    You describe so well the path so many take. Having a need to air opinions and then turning a little more thoughtful and structured in time. Well done.

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