How do you like my new look?

I’d been planning on doing a “stream” theme for a while now, but just hadn’t thought I was ready to jump in feet first. Finally, I was given a little push by Lorelle to at least do something to make my blog design unique, however small it might be. Thus, now was the time dive in, ready or not.

Initially, I’d looked for photos of both streams and showers. But the showers all seemed to have people in them, and since this is not that kind of blog, I went with the stream photos. 😉

I’ve been trying to create a theme from scratch, but it still needs quite a bit of work. So, in an effort to get my unique look in place more quickly, I took one of my favorite themes, Falling Leaves by Shawn Grimes, and modified it quite a bit. (I’d direct you to Shawn’s website, but it has apparently gone to domain name heaven.) I changed most of the coloring, added a heading style, created a couple new graphics, and even got brave enough to go into the sidebar template and modify some of the php.

It’s interesting when you think you’ve found the perfect theme, it always surprises you in ways you never expected. I like having the tag line in the header and a navigation sidebar on every page. I thought this theme had the latter, but once I set it up, I found the sidebar elements are not the same for all views. I’ve tried a few times to fix it, but so far my attempts have been unsuccessful, seeing as how my PHP skillz are lacking.

Then there was the list predicament. The theme eliminated all list styles, for both ordered and unordered lists (except for unordered nested lists). Now, why would one do that, especially for ordered lists? The reason they’re ordered is because they need to be numbered.  And how would my “Thursday Thirteen” look without the numbers? You might not know that I only had 9 items!  The good news is that I now have the numbers for my ordered lists.  Now I just need to figure out how to itemize a post’s unordered lists.

It’s always something, isn’t it?


3 thoughts on “How do you like my new look?

  1. Well, seeing as this is my first visit, I don’t have anything to compare the new look to…but it looks fine.

    Yeah, it’s a pain in the butt when themes violate standards. I’m in complete agreement: I can’t understand why anyone would want to remove the numbering from an ordered list. But everyone has there own tastes, I suppose.

    There are a lot of different ways theme handle blockquotes, and I haven’t figured out a way that appeals to me.

    What’s the css for unordered lists look like?

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