Thursday Thirteen: 13 items on my office desk

I wrote this post on Monday, so there have been some slight changes, which I’ll note. These are items that are in plain view, not hidden behind closed shelves or shoved in drawers.

  1. A wicker-esque basket that contains a bunch of writing implements (pens, pencils, dry-erase markers, highlighters)
  2. A wooden name plate that a former co-worker made for me. He made it as a prototype to decide if he wanted to get into woodworking or not. It’s in the shape of a cat, and painted to resemble a gray tabby. And it’s one of the best things he ever made.
  3. A coffee cup with the Navy officer emblem and the crest of the command I worked for at the time (Naval Telecommunications Command, or NAVTELCOM). The command went through numerous changes in the ensuing years and is no longer in existence.
  4. Mardi gras bead that a friend who lives in Louisiana (but not New Orleans) gave to me.
  5. A gyroscope from a defunct Navy torpedo. It’s mounted on a plaque and was given to me as a going away gift. (There’s a long story associated with it. Perhaps I’ll tell the story some time.)
  6. A 3″x5″ acrylic paper holder filled with multi-colored sheets with my name imprinted at the top.
  7. A water bottle, currently half full. šŸ™‚ (Now it’s less than 1/4 full. No, not the same bottle, but a water bottle none-the-less.)
  8. A 20 oz coffee cup, currently about one-third full. (Today it’s only 16 oz since I’m leaving earlier than usual.)
  9. An “office voodoo kit.” The kit includes a small doll with a man on one side, a woman on the other, and two pins. It came with an instruction booklet and is to be used on bosses, coworkers or anyone else who pisses me off.
  10. My brand new DayTimer. I down-sized so that I could carry the planner in my purse, but I’m not sure I like the format. I’ll give it some time, though. I’ve used Day Timers for many years, not always successfully. I have a PDA somewhere at home, but never got into the habit of using it, and now I’m not allowed to bring it into the building I work in.
  11. A small fan, almost always running.
  12. A picture of my “niblings,” my 2 nephews and niece. My niece saw it and exclaimed, “That’s an old picture.” To which I replied, “Yeah, but you still look the same.”
  13. A box of Kleenix, an absolute necessity for my crappy sinuses (which my co-workers often use without asking permission. Hmmm. See item #9.)

2 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen: 13 items on my office desk

  1. “The kit includes a small doll with a man on one side, a woman on the other

    This seems a product with a limited market. I’ve only met a few, perhaps 6, hermaphrodites onto whom I’d wish harm.
    But then, I don’t live in a very large city…

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