Supernatual; episodes 1.03 & 1.04

Ep sep doodadThe next two episodes are pretty much stand-alone episodes, but they do provide a few hints into the characters’ psyches.

Dead in the Water continues to be one of my favorites. Dean bonds with a young boy who has gone mute after witnessing a mysterious drowning. Having also witnessed a traumatic event in his own childhood, Dean tells the boy about how his mother’s memory motivates him. This is the first time Sam has seen Dean’s deeper side; but when he asks Dean about it, Dean brushes him off, returning to his stoic, macho facade.

Episode separation doodad

Sam is still having trouble sleeping as Phantom Traveler begins. Dean is contacted by a man, Jerry, he and his father had helped a few years before. Jerry has found some unusual noises on a recording from a plane crash. When they meet, Jerry tells Sam about how proud his dad was of him. Sam is surprised, because the two of them fought constantly before Sam left for college, leaving Sam to believe his father didn’t want him to go.

On a lighter note, we learn that Dean is afraid of flying. It makes for some humorous moments, and is mentioned in Everybody Loves a Clown.


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