Busy day

Boy, I’ve got a lot going on today. Well, a lot for me. Fortunately the two events that took me out of the house are done.

Many years ago, I signed up for a safety deposit box with my best friend and her husband. Shortly thereafter, they bought a fireproof safe, leaving to pay the box fee by myself. I wanted to close out the account, but was told all three of us needed to be present. Finally, I got them to come with me to the bank. (It only took 2 months to get a them to put it on their schedule!) Then, turns out I was the only one who had to sign anything. Go figure.

Then, I had to get my hair cut (& colored). I always manage to lose my little appointment cards, so I never know exactly when my appointment is. But usually, some day during the week I notice my gray hairs are showing at the roots. And sure enough, that Friday I get the notice that my appointment is that Saturday. Man, I’m good. 🙂

And now, I’m off to participate in this year’s Blogathon by commenting and encouraging those who are blogging for 24 hours straight. It was one of my blogging goals for 2007. Then I got all excited and kind of wanted to blog in the blogathon. I even came up with a couple of themes to blog about. (I thought I’d written a post about it, but can’t seem to find it. Maybe it’s still up there in draft status. Well, kinda late to publish it now.) But I know I can’t stay up for 24 hours. I sort of wish they had an 18-hour option. Now that I could do. Maybe I’ll suggest it to the organizers next year.

Anyway, now I’m off to see what brave souls are out there, raising money for worthwhile charities.


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