Blog challenge: Blog my passion

Guess I better answer this challenge before Lorelle comes out with her next Blog Challenge tomorrow. 😉

So, what is my passion? That’s a great question; one I’ve been trying to figure out for over 50 years. I thought I’d the answer finally at age 46, when I discovered the World Wide Web and how much fun it was to create web sites. I was fascinated that learning the “code” was relatively easy; the really difficult part (for me) was the graphic layout and content. I’ve had no training in graphic design, but just about everything I did that looked and “felt” good was right on the money. It just took me forever & a day to achieve the right design. I also took care with my content, making sure that what I said was “just right” (ok, except for the occasional typo).

What I designed in those early days was a fan site. It grew into a great community, a very large (but very well organized) web site. But I began to lose interest in the subject, fell behind in providing updates, and worst of all, I let my temper get the better of me (and made some bad decisions) when an internet troll attacked me. After that, I went to a blog format, but the web site is now barely alive. I’m thinking of returning to a static web site with the blog being just a part of the entire package, but probably won’t. (Updating and maintaining via WordPress is just too darned easy.)

I still have that passion for web development, but am struggling to keep up with the newer technologies, such as the integrated database explosion of the 90’s, and the Web 2.0 of today. Heck, I even have trouble with CSS! I suppose I could blog about blogging, but there are so many more knowledgeable and experienced folks out there, I feel I’d be totally out of my element.

So, what are my passions? Well, for the most part, they’re listed in the categories. I like the tv show Supernatural, but am not willing to set up another fan site, especially when there are so many other terrific, active sites out there. I love to write about my family. It’s full of wonderful (and a couple not so wonderful) people. I love to write, period. I recently took a writing class and wrote about 7 essays. I planned to post them here, but the instructor was very encouraging about submitting them for publication. Perhaps I could write about my highs and lows of trying to get published (or not). (I do have one category that’s not listed because I’ve yet to write a post in that category. It’s titled “Grammar Puss,” and my plan was is to scour the internet looking for horrible grammar examples. That ought to be fun. And oh so very easy!)

I also recently started knitting again, and am enjoying it. But do I want to blog about it? I don’t know. I thought about knitting something and reporting my progress for the Blogathon a couple weekends ago, but I knew there was no way I could stay up for 24 hours, so I chucked that idea. Hmmm, maybe I’ll try doing my own blogathon that lasts for a doable (but not too easy!) 12-18 hours. Or perhaps I could host a blog carnival about knitting—once I figure out what a blog carnival is!


One thought on “Blog challenge: Blog my passion

  1. Two things. First, thanks for reminding me about the challenges as I’ve been so busy with all the guest bloggers, I spaced. 😀

    Second, it sounds like you know your passion but haven’t really figured it out. I think you do know what it is. It’s there in your post, but you can’t see it yet. Look closely. I bet you might recognize it if you just let “it” happen. 😉

    Trial and error is a good way to find your passion, but your passion is with you always, in all that you do.

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