Thursday thirteen: Yesterday in 13 significant events

  1. 1:00 am — wake up, realize I’m swallowing something, turn on light, lightly blow nose, blood gushes forth. Pinch nose, lean head back slightly, wait for bleeding to subside.
  2. 1:15 — bleeding hasn’t subsided, decide to go to emergency room, try to get dressed while holding tissue to nostrils.
  3. 1:30 — sufficiently dressed, but bleeding has subsided. Decide to go back to bed. Put on new pair of pajamas (since previous pair now have blood on them), arrange pillows so that head is elevated, go back to sleep.
  4. 6:10 — alarm goes off, turn it off & go back to sleep.
  5. 7:15 — wake up, decide I’m ok to go to work. Put saline solution in very dry nose, blow nose to clear out, bleeding starts all over again.
  6. 7:20 — call work to let them know I’m going to emergency room and to pass on important information. Can’t reach anyone so get dressed and go to work to attend morning meetings and pass on important info.
  7. 8:00 — get to work, attend meetings, pass important info, write e-mails to follow up important info.
  8. 9:45 —head to emergency room.
  9. 10:05 — arrive at emergency room, stand in long line to get checked in.
  10. 11:15— finally see physician’s assistant who gives me bacitracin to ease discomfort.
  11. 11:50 — given referral to ENT and get checked out of emergency room.
  12. 12:00 — stop at drug store for more bacitracin, pick up junk food because I’m very hungry.
  13. 12:15 — get home. Neighbor is parked in my spot (grrrr), but am not in the mood to confront so find another spot. Go inside, eat lunch, take nap to recover from trauma of the night, try hard to resist urge to blow nose. Not completely successful.

So, while the symptoms have been eased, the problem has not been resolved. Which is why I need to see the ENT. Why did my nose start bleeding all on its own? My sinuses have been horrible this summer, ever since I went to Texas. (Yeah, that’s it, I’ll blame everything on Texas!) I used a humidifier in my bedroom this winter and it did wonders. And I didn’t have too much trouble in the spring (not that we had much of one), but this summer has been miserable. I’ve known for awhile I need to see a doctor, but didn’t want to go back to my internist, since I don’t really like him. Perhaps I can ask someone at the ENT office.

Episode separation doodad

On a separate note, I think I’ll actually try to sign up for the real Thursday Thirteen next week.


4 thoughts on “Thursday thirteen: Yesterday in 13 significant events

  1. Hmmm, I’m not sure why your reply didn’t show up right away. […stupid wordpress…] Anyway, glad you’re back from the beach. Hope you had a wonderful time!

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