Supernatural; episodes 1.05 – 1.07

(Sorry for the inconsistency in blogging, especially my plan to blog the Supernatural summaries once a week. Worse, I have no excuse. 😦 Thank you, Teresa, for getting me off my butt and back into the swing of things. Now I’ll have to blog a couple times a week—or more—just to finish up before the start of the third season; which, by the way, doesn’t happen until the beginning of October. 😦 again )

Episode separation doodad

Bloody Mary is an important episode in the overall gist of the show. It’s one of the episodes I’d recommend if you wanted to watch just a few episodes of the show in order to understand the entire “mytharc.”

Sam’s nightmares about Jessica’s death continue to haunt him, and it becomes apparent why he’s having these nightmares. Sam feels terribly guilty because he dreamt about Jessica’s death for days before it happened, but said and did nothing about it.

Episode separation doodad

While not essential to the “mytharc” of the series, Skin provides a great insight into Dean’s character, especially his feelings of resentment towards Sam. It might be a good episode to watch as it’s heavily referenced in two of my favorite season 2 episodes, The Usual Suspects and Nightshifter.

Episode separation doodad

Hookman is a stand alone episode. In fact, I never saw it (it was one of only 4 episodes not repeated over the summer) until I bought the Season 1 DVD set, and I was fully able to follow the continuing story.

The only note worth mentioning is that Sam makes a small connection with a young college girl, but explains he isn’t ready to move on yet. At the end, Dean watches hopefully as Sam and the girl talk, but Sam makes no move and is quiet as the two head out of town.


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