Thursday Thirteen: I need this one

I sat in a briefing today that really peeved me. It puts the folks I work with in a bad light, and I feel horrible for them. They are terrific people who are working their asses off; and now, if the briefing slides don’t change between now and next Thursday, there is going to be hell to pay. We will have to scrape no less than three senior officers off the ceiling. So, in order to make the evening more enjoyable, here are:

Thirteen things I’m grateful for:
  1. my paycheck, which is rather nice
  2. my commute to work, which is pretty easy
  3. my car, a 2000 Lexus (I bought it used) that runs like a dream
  4. the people I work with. They’re very smart and hard working and I’m so privileged to know them.
  5. my home, which provides me immense comfort
  6. Kristen and Michael’s impending new arrival
  7. in addition to Kristen, her two brothers, who are the absolute bestest
  8. my renewed interest in knitting, which allows me to make adorable things for #6
  9. all the kitties that have graced my life with their unconditional love; Brandy, Cassie, Chelsea, Britta, Gigi, Daisy, Kimmi and Shadow (even though his unconditional love is sometimes a bit too much)
  10. Michelle Market, whose specialties are a perfect fit for my neuroses
  11. my iPod, which has allowed me to download songs from Supernatural and make CDs for my “best friend-in-law” and me
  12. Supernatural Season 1 DVD sets being on sale so that I can buy a whole bunch of them to give out to others
  13. several friends who have birthdays this month who will be getting Supernatural DVDs and CDs as presents.

Yes, it’s true. It really does all boil down to Supernatural! 😀


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