What I want to be when I grow up

I found this site via one of my sources at LiveJournal. I’ve taken Myers-Briggs and career aptitude tests several times before, but I never tire of taking a new one. This one was perfect! So, without further ado, this is what I should be when I grow up:

  1. Multimedia developer — yeah, baby!
  2. Website designer — damn straight!
  3. Special effects technician — think Supernatural would hire me?
  4. Industrial designer — I might like this if I knew what the hell it was
  5. Computer programmer — meh
  6. Desktop publisher — hmmm
  7. Technical writer — ok, I can see that
  8. Fashion designer — better pull out the ol’ sewing machine
  9. Sign maker — wtf??
  10. Cartoonist/Comic illustrator — too bad I can’t draw worth a damn

Considering the fact that I want to be a web developer more than anything else (which only took me 45 years to figure out), I like these results. I also thought about technical writing at one time.

Here’s some other things on the list of 40 that I found interesting:

11. Interior designer — this came up #1 on a different career test, which really surprises me because this is so not my forte. #3 on that list was fung shui designer. Bwahah! But I did buy a book about it.
12. Actor — this is what I REALLY wanted to be when I grew up, when I still had growing up to do. Alas, don’t have the personality or looks for the job. (Altho stage work might have been possible—and I think I’d like that better than film work.)
23. Set designer — Supernatural dudes, are you reading this??
26. Webmaster — how is this different than #1 and 2? Don’t answer, I actually know.

And perhaps my favorite:

29. Comedian — when I was instructor in the Navy, one of my students commented after one of my antics, “Good grief. One of our instructors is a [don’t remember] and the other is a comedian.” *hee*


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