Where’s the stream for fall?

I spent the better part of yesterday afternoon trying to change over to my new fall theme. First came the picture for the header. Not a problem, although I did try 4 different cropped sizes. Turns out the smallest looked the best. Yay!

Next came the graphics. I desperately tried to change the colors on the default graphics, but it looked really awful. I suppose I could try the color change with Photoshop rather then Paint Shop Pro, but I’m really unfamiliar with Ps, so didn’t attempt it. I ended up going with graphics that really have no bearing on leaves. But I guess they do have a very loose connection with streams.

And lastly, I tried to fix the unordered list. There is definitely something wrong with the code, because I tried some new styling and forgot to close the “rule” and the damn thing worked. Problem was, when I corrected the css (by closing the bracket “}” ), it reverted to its current state. (This is why there’s that nonsensical post below. I need something to check the ol, ul and nested lists. It’s definitely not pretty.)

I thought about totally deleting all the list styles and starting from scratch. I may do that, but cripes, it’s nearly 7 p.m. and I just got home. Stupid work.


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