Ok, this theme is really starting to tick me off!

I’ve been working on my fall theme for a couple of weeks and was getting pretty frustrated with how the HTML lists were behaving. I know I’d mentioned my irritation with the lists of the base theme I’m using previously, and moving to a new theme was getting me all riled up again. Then I had the brilliant idea of deleting all the list code in the CSS file and start fresh. And lo & behold, it worked! For the main page only.

So, I finally looked into the actual source code to see what was going on and discovered I’d styled a class that didn’t appear on the single post page. So I fixed it. I even started a post called “Hallelujah!” but that, too, was premature.

Once I got the single post page fixed, I went to look at the other multi-post pages. And there was nothing denoting the lists. Nothing! So, once again, I went in to look at the source code, and the lists aren’t even coded as lists! They’re coded as paragraphs! What the hell? I can’t believe that’s something that WordPress does in general, but I suppose it could be. I’ll have to check it out using a better another theme.

Oh, and the sidebar crap still exists. (I figured I ought to tackle one problem at a time.)


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