Happiness is total unconsiousness

I’ve fallen asleep on the sofa more times in the last 2 days than I have in the previous 20 years.

I had my first experience with general anesthesia on Monday, and it was probably the thing I was most nervous about going in for septoplasty, i.e., surgery to fix my deviated septum and improve my sinuses. First of all, I knew that going under general anesthesia is pretty serious, which I suppose is why the person administering it is a physician. But I also wondered what it would feel like. Would I dream? Would I somehow subconsciously be aware of what was going on? Would it really make me impervious to pain? Would I even wake up afterwards?

I actually walked into the operating room. I got on the table, and the assistants started prepping me, putting a pillow under my knees, adjusting the head rest. The nurse said we’re going to give you something to make you relax.

The next thing I remember was lying in bed. I was pretty groggy and wondered when the surgery would start. As I lay there (too tired to open my eyes), I began to wonder if the surgery was over and I was in the recovery room. I was breathing through my nose, and I didn’t feel anything on my face. There was absolutely no pain. Finally, someone came in and asked how I was doing & if I had any pain. My first question was, “Is the surgery over?” To my delight, she replied, Yes.”

Obviously, I’d gone unconscious in less than one minute.

My friend brought me home and kind of mothered me for a little bit. Once I got settled onto the sofa with all remotes in hand, she left. That’s when the sofa sleeping began. I fell asleep at least 3 times before finally deciding I ought to go to bed. On Tuesday, I fell asleep a couple times in the morning and a couple more later. And I had an honest-to-goodness nap, where I actually went to bed and slept under the covers.

I imagine most of the tiredness was due to the anesthesia. They say it stays in your system for about 24 hours. But some of it might have been from the pain medication. Whatever it was, it worked really well.

Yesterday I went to the doctor for a checkup and he took out the splints. Holy cow! Those mothers were about 4 inches long! You’d think they’d be poking my eyes out. Now that I think about it, the sinus area under my eyes did feel a little swollen and sensitive.

I’d really been looking forward to having the week off from work. But here it is Thursday, and I haven’t done a darned thing. Of course, today is the first day that I’ve actually felt kind of human. I haven’t had to take any pain medicine, but my sinuses are still annoying. Of course, they’re still in the process of healing. I’d go into more discussion about them, but it’s pretty gross, so I’ll just leave things at that.

Episode separator

In other news, season 3 of Supernatural airs tonight. I’m oddly calm about it. I think I’m worried that the show has peaked with the death of the “Yellow-Eyed Demon.” Plus, the addition of 2 new chicks doesn’t thrill me. I also watched the “Director’s Cut” on the CW website, and was highly underwhelmed. I hope the show doesn’t poop out just when I’m trying to get more friends interested in it.

Then again, I wondered how could season 2 be better than season 1; and yet it was.


3 thoughts on “Happiness is total unconsiousness

  1. Actually, you probably didn’t go to sleep that quickly. Conscious sedation (what they do first to “make you relax”) enables you to communicate with them but has an amnesiac effect so you think you were completely out the whole time.

    Also, there is often a long-term anesthesia effect even after it’s supposedly “out of your system.” So don’t be surprised if you want to go to sleep at 5:30 p.m. for the next few weeks. πŸ™‚

  2. How do you know all this stuff?? About conscious sedation & such? Man, you’re like a walking encyclopedia of weirdness. πŸ˜‰

    The doctor asked me when I saw him on Wed if I remembered him coming to talk to me after the surgery. I did.

  3. Man, you’re like a walking encyclopedia of weirdness.


    I worked in case management, typing tons of medical reports, and I also currently do proofing for materials for an ad agency that specializes in dentists, many of whom use conscious sedation for dental work. πŸ™‚

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