The agony of sinus surgery

I decided I ought to quit bitching about the blog design, and obsessing how to get it to where I want (e.g., spending most of my computer time trying to fix the design) and start writing more. I’m still working on the design, but I’m not going to gripe about it here. Maybe.

And now, the saga of the nose. I’m not allowed to blow my nose, but there’s a lot of stuff up there that’s driving me nuts. I know this is all part of the healing process, so I’m not alarmed. It just means that in addition to the regular nose junk, I have scabby tissue. (Sounds great, doesn’t it?) So, I rinse the nostrils out 3-4 times a day with salt water. The feeling is similar to when you get water up your nose in the swimming pool. And what’s really funny is that when you send the water up one nostril, it comes out the other as well.

Funny thing is, I kind of like it. Yes, it’s really perverse. I think I might become addicted to snorting salt water.

When I saw the doctor on Wednesday, he told me no bending or lifting anything heavier than 10 lbs. Sounds good in theory, but, how am I supposed to feed the cats or empty the dishwasher, or (most importantly) brush Kimmi when she demands it, without bending over? Yesterday, when I bent over to do any of these things, water would run out of my nose. It’s kind of funny, but annoying. Well, at least it’s clear liquid and not anything too gross.

Episode separator

The season premiere of Supernatural was on Thursday. I was a bit underwhelmed. It wasn’t a bad episode, it just didn’t blow me away, like last year’s season premiere. And, given the subject matter, the Seven Deadly Sins, it could have been so much more.

I’m trying to branch out with my tv viewing habits, watching a couple new shows that have gotten lots of buzz, but so far nothing’s really sucked me in.


3 thoughts on “The agony of sinus surgery


    Not emptying the dishwasher is no big deal.

    Dying is.

    A friend of mine’s son had septoplasty, and a while later (I’m not sure exactly how many days) he started hemorrhaging from his nose and went to the ER with a blood pressure of 44/10.

    So DON’T BEND.

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