Goals and such

So, I had my week off and I accomplished almost nothing of what I’d planned to do. Maybe I needed the rest. I’ve been relatively productive today & yesterday, and even have the day off tomorrow (except for follow-up doctor’s appointment). I hadn’t even thought of Columbus Day when I’d scheduled the surgery.

Anyway, now that my mind is a bit clearer, I actually came up with a goal for October. This is quite unusual as I’m lousy at setting goals… and even lousier at completing them. But I thought that if I post them, perhaps it might make me accountable. Of course, Natalie is the only person who reads this blog, although Dannie & Jerry (not Dannie’s Jerry) have said they’ve stopped by, and perhaps also Megan. So, you guys, if your around, try to keep me honest.

For the past couple years, ever since I got my “new” computer (which really isn’t new anymore), I’ve been paying my bills from my laptop on my dining room table. The reason is that my MS Money is on the laptop.  And while I bought a new copy for the “new” computer, I didn’t want to start using it until I had reconciled my accounts. Well, that’s been about two years or so—maybe more. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t let my accounts go completely to seed. I have begun balancing them, but I’m just not yet up to date yet. You see, it seems that whenever I get *this close* to getting caught up, I let things slide back into minor disarray.

Well, I’ve decided that by Oct 31, I will have all my accounts balanced to date. And with the knowledge that my October statement is accurate (& I can account for everything), I’ll finally transfer my bill paying and bank statement to the quasi-new computer.

Um, now that I think about it, I may have to wait until my November statement to cash out. I guess I could make the extra effort to be up to date by October 16th (statement date), but October is already half-way there. Well, they say that nothing worthwhile is easy.


One thought on “Goals and such

  1. I didn’t want to start using it until I had reconciled my accounts. Well, that’s been about two years or so—maybe more.

    *is appalled*

    I’m a former treasurer (of multiple groups) who is married to an accountant. So I’ll say it again.

    *is appalled*

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