Take this job & shove it

I was going to write a Thursday 13 today, but instead I just feel the need to bitch. And ironically, the 13 was going to be about work. Maybe next week

I am just so sick of being belittled by my co-workers. I make comments & recommendations, only to be shot down by my bosses. Then, their bosses say the same thing I said and now it’s all fucking ok. I’ve been in this business a long time, and while I’m not a technical person, I know what works and what doesn’t; what’s fair & what’s not. Perhaps people feel the need to discount me so they can make themselves feel better.

I’m not part of the”in crowd” in my organization. I suppose I should count that as a blessing, since the organization is considered one of the worst in the Department of Defense.

This is one of those times I need to remember that I am not defined by my job.

Episode separator

On the good side, tonight is a new Supernatural.  Even though I wasn’t particularly impressed with the season premiere, a mediocre Supernatural is better than no Supernatural at all.


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