Stupid “smart” alarm clock

Ah, and yet another reason I’m pissed at Congress. Sunday morning I woke up refreshed and ready for the day. I looked at the clock and it read 6:58. I was thrilled! I’d be able to get an early start to the day & get a lot done. I got up, looked at my watch, which said 8:05. Huh? I looked at the clock again. 7:05. Huh? Then I remembered…

The clock is really cool. You set it once, when you first get it (& then only if you don’t live in the Eastern time zone). After that, it remembers the time, even if you lose electricity. Granted, it doesn’t work when the electricity is out, but it has a little battery (or computer chip) that still keeps track of the time. AND, it automatically adjusts to daylight savings time.

Well, it did until Congress screwed around and changed DST. Of course, the computer and DVR didn’t change, because they communicate with the outside world and were able to be updated by external forces. But the alarm clock just sits there & keeps remarkable time. Until Congress stepped in.

Of course, now I have to manually change the time not once, but twice in the next couple weeks. (Obviously, I’d gone through this drill earlier this year, but I must’ve blacked out the experience from my mind. I still don’t remember it.) Still, I guess that’s better than some of the places like New York & San Francisco, where some of the clocks automatically changed; and residents were told to just wait a week and the clocks would be back to the right time.


2 thoughts on “Stupid “smart” alarm clock

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