The 11th hour… er, month review

Since the year is nearly over, I thought I’d reminisce about how I’ve done in the blogging world so far. I made met a couple of my goals for 2007, but the majority fell short. Yes, I know I still have a month to go, but c’mon, that month is December and the holiday season, and I don’t think blogging is going to be one of priorities. Or at least it shouldn’t be.

  1. I did complete Lorelle’s WordPress treasure hunt. I even planned to go back and revisit some of the treasures and discuss them. But that never happed.
  2. I certainly didn’t blog more consistently. Obviously.
  3. Not only did I not consolidate my blogs, I actually added some. I got involved with LiveJournal and the Supernatural fan community there. It sucked me in and wouldn’t let go. I’ll talk more about LiveJournal in another post. If I remember.
  4. I did not complete my first WordPress theme. I did work on it and made some good progress, but I have a long way to go. The great thing, though, is that what I’ve done so far has really helped me with my CSS skillz. So, “yay” for that.
  5. I still haven’t found my niche, or
  6. incorporated tags, or
  7. learned anything about social bookmarking. sigh
  8. I did actually participate in the Blog Marathon in July, commenting on a few blogs. I didn’t do as much as I thought I’d do, but at least I remembered to do it.
  9. I did make a couple posts about getting my life in order. One was my plan to transfer my MS Money and bill paying from “old” to “new,” and get the laptop off the dining room table. Didn’t happen. I also made a “13 actions to complete for the holidays,” but I haven’t even completed #1 yet.
  10. Now, I did make timelines for my blogging goals. And I finished at least one on time (Lorelle’s treasure hunt).

There is good news out of all of this, though.  I won’t have to think too very hard when it comes time to write my blogging goals for 2008.  😉


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