Thursday Thirteen #2

I was going to wait until after the holidays to get my blogging schedule in order, but realized that’s my own mode of perfectionism raising its head, preventing me from “just doing it.” So, here is my second Thursday Thirteen, only 3 weeks late.

November 8th (which was a Thursday this year), is my dad’s birthday. It’s also the birthday of a friend I’ve lost touch with. That made me think of those special people I really love who, for whatever reason, I’ve lost track of.

Thirteen People I’d like to see again

  1. Natasha N, the gal whose birthday started me thinking about her. She’s sweet and smart and adorable. And I wasn’t there for her when she really needed someone.
  2. Megan K. A friend from my Navy days. Really smart and extremely successful. But again, I wasn’t there for her when she needed me.
  3. Dennis H. Another Navy buddy. Last I knew he was on the fast-track to make Admiral. But that was ever his goal. He’s just very, very good at what he does.
  4. Celia L. From my grad school days at Michigan State. We were roommates and swimming buddies; but I think our best adventure was getting (really) drunk at a drive-in movie and getting lost after a trip to the concession stand. Or was it the bathroom?
  5. Nancy N. Another friend & roommate from grad school. We toured London together after my tour in Italy, and the Queen’s guard (I forget what they’re called), called out to her as we walked by.
  6. Dave J. I worked for him when I was in the Navy, but he also became a great friend. He maintained his delightful demeanor even as he faced some difficult crises.
  7. Ann K. A friend from my undergrad days. She could be a little difficult, and I once asked my mom why I liked her. Mom replied, “Because she makes you think.”
  8. Dave W. A fun biking partner. He helped me see into the psyche of the human male. And I ran screaming in the other direction. 😉
  9. Pete H. Yet another Navy friend. He was a Navy diver and so rough around the edges, I was shocked to learn he was a Naval Academy grad.
  10. Connie M. My dad’s cousin and one of my very favorite people in the world. And she was actually listed in “Who’s Who” at one time. (But not for being one of my favorite people.) 🙂

For the final three, I haven’t lost touch with them, but I don’t reach out as often as I should. It’s a terrible shame because they are the most lovely, delightful people.

  1. Rich. He visited me a few years ago and we haven’t talked since. I hope he still thinks of me more kindly than his father does.
  2. Ted. Of these three, he’s the one most like me. And he gives the very bestest hugs.
  3. Kristen. I keep saying I’ll try to be better about staying in touch, but time gets away from me, and before I know it, too much time has gone by.

Maybe I can make a New Year’s resolution to reach out and try to find these people. Or perhaps I can just make the effort right now.


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