Good aromas make for good memories

One of my favorite memories of everyday life occurred many years ago. I was on my own for the first time, living in Rochester, NY. I had a nice studio apartment, complete with a full kitchen (& even a dining area), a private entrance, and two large picture windows. The larger of the two was in the living area and faced south.

In those days I was experimenting with my way around the kitchen. One winter I began the habit of baking bread about every other week. (And I mean rolling and kneading and raising, not putting a bunch of dough in a bread machine.) One cold, sunny Saturday, I’d put the bread in the oven, set the timer, then went into the “living room.” The sun was coming through the picture window, and my cat was lying in the spot where the sun hit the carpet. I laid down beside her, just to rest and relax.

I fell asleep. When I woke up, I was warm and comfortable in the sun, the cat was still beside me, and the smell of baking bread filled the room. It was heaven!

I had a somewhat similar moment today. I decided to bake one of the pumpkin pies I was supposed to make at Thanksgiving, but never did. After I put the pie in the oven, I decided to take a nap. For some reason, I was very tired. (It was probably the two helpings of macaroni & cheese I had for lunch.) I set my watch timer, laid down on my bed in an attempt to relax and get the (chronic) kink out of my neck. Gigi was lying on the sheets that had come out of the dryer (one of her favorite things), so I laid down next to her. Shadow, who is never very far from me, jumped up and laid down at the foot of the bed. And then Kimmi came in! She seldom sleeps with me, so this was a real treat. Gigi on my right, Shadow on my left, and Kimmi on top of me. (She weighs only 5 lbs, so I hardly notice her.)

This time I didn’t fall asleep, but I rested and enjoyed the moment. Relaxing on the bed, unconditional love all around me, and the aroma of pumpkin pie filling the home.

The pie is now out of the oven. Unfortunately, I have to let it cool for 2 hours before I can try a piece.


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