New year, new home

I started another blog—just what I need when I don’t use this one enough. The purpose of new one is/was to record my progress through my attempts to fix up my home before I retire and put it on the market. I’ve been meaning to declutter and decorate for several years, but haven’t gotten to it.

The impetus for finally getting serious is that I miscalculated my retirement date. I thought I could retire in 2010, but apparently I goofed in my calculations and can’t retire until 2011. I was pretty upset, but decided to make the most of it by coming up with a plan to fix up the place. The idea is to take 1-2 months per room first decluttering, then decorating/fixing up.

I was just discussing this with someone and decided I better take a look at my schedule. January is dedicated to the kitchen. This room is first on the list because I want it to be an inviting place, where I’ll want to spend time preparing meals, thereby eating better.

I thought my next room was my bedroom, because it should be a sanctuary. But February is a short month (even with an extra day in 2008), and I felt I really needed a longer month for the bedroom. I realized the dining room is a better fit for Feb. It’s an appropriate follow-on to the kitchen, since it’s where I need to eat some of my meals, and right now the dining room table is filled to the brim with non-dining stuff. Things like my laptop, my happy light (a new addition), Christmas presents for wrapping (yeah, yeah, I know it’s past), financial papers, a set of blue margarita glasses, and other miscellaneous stuff. Compared to my other rooms, it should actually be fairly manageable, since I don’t really have any hidden drawers and cabinets to deal with.

So, that’s my plan for the next couple months. Oh, and the bedroom is planned for March, another “maximum” month. Wish me luck!


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