Happy 2008!

(See, a day late this year, too.) I prefer even-numbered years to odd-numbered years. It seems all the good things happen in even years: I was born, graduated from high school (& various colleges), was commissioned in the Navy. Good times! I like leap years even more! Feb 29 (besides being my grandpa’s birthday, as well as a friend’s) is Sadie Hawkins Day. That’s the day when women can ask men to marry them. (Ok, maybe it’s a little outdated for modern times, but the emphasis is still on the guy to propose.) Dr. Joyce Brothers once said it’s actually a good thing, because women tend to pick partners for better reasons than men.

And new years bring new “resolutions.” This year I’m trying to get my home in shape. First up is the kitchen. I spent some of yesterday cleaning up the dirty dishes. But the main intent is to clean out the cabinets and get rid of old/duplicate/unused items.

I say “some” of the time was in the kitchen, because I also welcomed in the new year with my very own Supernatural marathon. I didn’t get through all 10 or episodes I’d planned to watch, but it was fun to go back and watch some favorite episodes I hadn’t seen in awhile.


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