I’m officially a Thursday Thirteener. Woot! Thanks, Carol, for being patient with me. I thought about doing this post as a Thursday Thirteen, but can’t seem to come up with 13 idle thoughts.

With all the advances in modern medicine, you’d think they could come up with something better and easter to use than crutches. I fell down the stairs at work last Monday (Jan 7) and broke my left foot. This is the first broken bone I’ve ever had. I spent over a week in a semi-cast (a “splint,” which has all the negatives of a cast) and on crutches. Not fun.

I had my follow-up with the doctor yesterday. When I was getting ready to go (my first time out of the house since I broke the foot), I looked out the window and it was (f***ing) snowing! Why couldn’t I have gone last week when it was 60 degrees and beautiful? Oh yeah. I had to wait for the worker’s comp paperwork to go through.

The place I went to is the same medical facility where I had my sinus surgery last October. So how come when I went there for all those post-op check-ups, I could find a great parking spot, but when it was cold & snowy & slippery, and I was on crutches, I had to park in the boonies? Oh life, you are a cruel mistress.

Oh, and I can now verify that sprains really are more painful than breaks. I injured the same foot about 20 years ago—doing the same thing. I missed a step and fell down. My friend who was with me said she heard a crack. Nothing was broken, but I’d severely sprained my left ankle. (Apparently you can hear tendons and ligaments break, too.) The sprain was indeed more painful than the break, but that’s not to say I didn’t need the pain killers.

I’m now in a boot & still have the crutches.  I can walk a short ways without the crutches, so at least I can pick things up around the house and put them away.  Last week I was putting everything in plastic grocery bags and carrying them to & from my destinations.  So I guess that’s progress.


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