Thursday Thirteen #5

TT 1

This week’s Thursday Thirteen is brought to you by someone who has no idea what to write about.

Thirteen Random Thoughts

  1. I’m an official Thursday Thirteener! Woot!
  2. Showtime’s movies sucks.
  3. Dexter really is as entertaining as they say. Who’d have thought I’d enjoy a show where the hero is a serial killer?
  4. The L Word (the reason I switched from HBO to Showtime) is okay. But sometimes I feel it needs to decide whether it’s a drama or a comedy.
  5. I think I’m going have a Jonathan Rhys Meyers overdose (and not in a good way). He’s everywhere!
  6. I really liked the one episode of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles I saw. (I missed the premiere.) I loved the original movie (you know, the one where the governor of California played the bad guy). The main characters and actors are quite compelling.
  7. Who knew the future leader of the world has emo-bangs. (And if you don’t know what emo-bangs are, you need to watch Supernatural.)
  8. Supernatural is still the best tv show you’re not watching.
  9. The real, original Grimm’s Fairy Tales are incredibly gruesome.
  10. Last year I liked this blog layout a lot. This year, not so much.  (ETA:  I have now changed the layout.  This is one I still like and keep coming back to.)
  11. I can now personally verify that sprains are more painful than breaks.
  12. Peapod by Giant is wonderful, even if they do get several things on the order wrong.
  13. My keyboard is giving me fits. Probably caused by all the crumbs and spilled liquids it’s had to endure.

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3 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen #5

  1. He’s in that movie with Keri Russel. And I know he’s done a bunch of stuff since “Bend It Like Beckham” (which I LOVE). And don’t forget he played Elvis in that tv special a couple years ago. Like I said, he’s everywher! 😀

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